Warranty and Exchange Policy

Warranty and Exchange Policy

    – Merchandise must be exchanged within 15 days from the date of the item is received.
    – Merchandise can be exchanged provided that the item must be unused with their original package. Invoice must be attached to carry out the replacement.
    – Items that need to be replaced must be defective, caused by the manufacturer, expired product, product doesn’t match the purchase order, product is damaged during shipment.
    – Products broken from transportation. (Abrasions or scratches caused by use are not covered under warranty)
    – The company reserves the right to refund shipping costs.

Warranty for problematic products related to installation

    – Agents or distributors should check the product in terms of color and quality after receiving the product directly from the company within 15 days.
    – The installer, whether by a professional or manual installer, should check the product in terms of color and quality after purchase within 15 days.

Report Problem

you after receiving the goods within 15 days. And the buyer must provide the following evidence to the agent or distributor.
– Receipt or proof of purchase to show that you are a genuine buyer and to check the warranty period.
– Details of the problem you discovered. (Product image to indicate that there is a defect under the terms of the Warranty and Exchange Policy).

If you have any further questions, please contact Customer Service. Tel +66 (65)-526-1404 and +66 (0) 2-736-1835-8 or
E-mail : bathic.web@gmail.com or Line ID : mkt.bathic on Monday – Friday, 09.30 AM – 04:30 PM


After receiving the complaint, the salesman who takes care of the customer will check the product (within 5 working days) or the customer shippers with the purchase documents to the company to check the product from the staff. Then, the staff contacting the customer (within 5 working days) to confirm the condition of the merchandise to be exchanged.
– If the company doesn’t find the product error or the defect of the product doesn’t meet the terms of the warranty and exchange the product, we will return it to the customer or the customer can pay for replacement products to replace the original product. Return shipping takes about 7-14 working days.
– If the product defects as stated in the warranty and exchange terms, the company will replace the product with color, style and quality equivalent of the original product to the customer. In case of no goods or goods stop selling for any reason, the company has the right to choose replacement products with the same color, style, and quality. After the solution, the warranty period will be the same as the original product without the warranty extension. Unless otherwise stated.
The company has the right to send the representative to inspect the product and collect samples for further information. If necessary, a company representative has the right to refuse to consider, repair, modify, or replace a defective product.
Distributors, stores, store employees, installers, and others do not have the right to add or change any of the warranties or representations between the company and the customers.

Responsibility for the cost of the warranty period.

If the item has a problem within the warranty period, the customer will not be charged. Customers are required to pay for the replacement or repair of products beyond warranty and return terms as follows:
– Within 15 days of receiving the goods. The company is responsible for 100% goods, 100% service charge based on actual damages.
– After 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods, the company will take matters into consideration. (Customers should check the condition before receiving the product.)
– Service charge is according to the company’s policy. The company reserves the right to reimburse the cost of delivery.

The warranty doesn’t cover the limitations or causes as follows:

– The color of the actual product is different from the photo or sample.
– Use of the product inappropriately or wrongly.
– Installation in high or low temperatures above the specified standard. Install in areas with temperatures below 15 ° C or above 45 ° C.
– Accidents, scratches, bumps, or cuts.
– Maintaining the product in the wrong way.
– The problem is the result of improper installation, surface improper installation, areas or surface preparation is not suitable for installation.
– Damage incurred during construction or decoration.
– Installed by a person without knowledge or expertise or installed with defective goods that can be clearly observed.