Installation process for the PVC “BATHIC” instant door and frame

The procedure for preparing the whole of doors set for the new construction.

Wooden frame size of BATHIC (width 7 cm, height 4 cm)


Step 1: Make a wooden frame to set in a brick pipe.

Fill the lintels to obtain a space for installation of the PVC BATHIC frame. Determine the width, height from the outside dimensions of the PVC BATHIC door standard, add a width of 7 cm, height of 4 cm as follows:

– size 60×180 cm = 67×184 cm
– size60×200 cm = 67×204 cm
– size 70×180 cm = 77×184 cm
– size 70×200 cm = 77×204 cm


Installing the wooden frame, lay bricks and fills the bracket

Step 2: Install a wooden frame on the desired position to install the PVC BATHIC frame and door. Check the alignment and level correctly. Then, lay bricks and lintel to fill the area. Leave it until the cement is formed


Fill the lintels and leave to dry the lime.

Step 3:  After completion of step 2, remove the wooden frame to use in other places.


Remove the wooden frame

Step 4: After removing the wooden frame, the space will be available for the installation of a PVC BATHIC frame.

The method of assembling the PVC “BATHIC” frame

This PVC BATHIC frame is a separate version. There are 8 logs in the package, including the left legs, right legs and the upper part with the equipment to assemble and install as follows:

– Two angle bars for use with the frame. – Two steel rods of 6 mm, length equal to the width of the frame for attach leg’s frame (anti-rust).- 7 sheets of the steel to hold the legs frame to the wall in a vertical line.


Assemble of the frame components for installation.

Step 5: Provide the PVC BATHIC frame is shipped in a separate manner to be assembled together and installed equipment. Prepare to be installed at the point where the gap was made earlier.

Installing the PVC BATHIC frame

Step 6: Bring the frame are already assembled install to the gap that made according to the size specified. Squeeze the steel with the mortar to the side walls, 3 points (at least) for each side, 1 point (at least) for the beam upper,  to assist in the strength of the use. Check the vertical line or the other correctly. Add or subtract not more than 2-3 mm, then fixed the point of steel with the mortar. Apply mortar to fill the remaining space around the frame to fit without tightening, leave it to set. Check the space for installation of the PVC BATHIC door as follows:

– size 60×180 cm remains to 61×181 cm

– size 70×180 cm remains to 71×181 cm

Step 7: After installed the PVC BATHIC frame, plastering the walls and the adhesive tape must be glued to the front of

the frame to prevent any marks before plastering. 

Plastered and prepared around the frame with a mortar and preparing the surface of the wall meticulous.

Caution and Suggestions

– Be careful any marks while prepared around the frame with mortar.

– Use adhesive tape and other paper to close the frame before plastering


Laying the tiles

Step 8: Start to laying the tiles on the wall and floor.

Step 9: Finally, installing the PVC BATHIC instant door.

9.1 Install hinges (use tapping screw). Laying the frame and door on the plain floor, then use a gimlet to drill the hinge in the specified position without notches all the door and frame. Tighten the screws.

9.2 Put the pintles at the scraf joint.

9.3 Install the knob.- Use the electric drill makes a hole according to the specified position. (Use small drill bits or drill bits specified for knobs.)

– Use the electric drill makes a hole according to the specified position. (Use small drill bits or drill bits specified for knobs.)- On the knob latch side, notching the door edge to embed the flange.

– On the knob latch side, notching the door edge to embed the flange.


– Do not use a hammer to chisel the hole.

– Do not use hand drill and rotary drill.

After installing the PVC BATHIC door, if not use immediately, please don’t use a liquid toilet cleaner, it’s to peel the plastic covered door. If the door is dirty, use pure water to wash it.

Note* In case of any problem, do not understand in any part, installation is problematic or product has problems, please call 063-2070678.

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