Installation process for “BATHIC” PVC PARTITIONS

Installation process for “BATHIC” PVC PARTITIONS
1. Divide the width of each room equally or according as required.
2. Measure deep side of the wall as required.
3. Use the lowest point of tile floor level as the criteria for measuring the height of the room.
4. Installing a U-Shape to fix the wall to the position of the upper and lower edge about 20 cm, drill and fix all of U-shape.
5. Check the tile floor level to cut the round legs for use on all of the wall depth.
6. Install on all of the wall depth to the tile wall. Then, attach all of the U-shape and the round legs.
7. Drill and fasten the sidewall partition, starting from the side where the hinges are installed first and then attach the legs.
8. Install the middle partitions between each room to the wall depth, drill and fix the U-shape and keep the space from a side of the wall for installing the hinges to the center wall by approximately 70.8 cm (in the case of a 70 cm door) as standard. The final partition of the room was installed at the end.
9. Insert the first hinge and attach the frame to the wall.
10. The height of the next partitions will be ensured after the first door is installed. Prepare the round legs to support the middle partition next. Then, attach a frame with the rivets and provides sufficient space for the door can be used.
11. Follow steps 9-10 until all rooms are completed.
12. Start attaching the round legs from the first to the last room.
13. Cut the last partition of the remaining size, and installing it by U-shape.
14. Finally, install all fittings according to standard.


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