Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy by BATHIC PRODUCT & SALES CO., LTD. (Company) considers the privacy of the customers by promising to keep your information confidential. The user accesses the website, and/or as a member show that you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. If you don’t agree to the privacy policy, please stop using this website. Please read and understand the privacy policy before registering for membership to access the website for your maximum benefit.

Data Collection and Usage

          The Company will collect your name, last name, current address, email address, telephone number, mobile number, sex, age, occupation, personal interests and other basic information when you register to subscribe. The information collected online will be disclosed within the Group for internal purposes only.  After completing the registration process, you will have all the rights to become a member. This includes getting information, special privileges and participation in the promotion of the website. Personal information collected by the company will be used as follows:
          – For the delivery of your order.
          – To update the delivery information as well as in case the customers need more services.
          – To provide relevant product information.    
          – For the purpose of checking the site usage. In addition, the Company uses the data and statistics collected in the analysis to select the most suitable products and services for the members. It also improves websites and services and may provide such information to other people. This statistic doesn’t include information that can be used to identify the contributor. The Company may send an email to you for information, special privileges and promotional activities.


          Cookies are small archives that will be stored in your browser to keep track of your browsing history. The next time you visit our site again, the computer will remember immediately that you have visited. The Company may use cookies to store information about visitors to the site, evaluate site visitors, and monitor site visits. If you do not wish cookies to be included in your browser, you may choose to reject cookies.

Disclosure of Members

          The Company will keep your personal information confidential. In case of need to disclose information to the public, the Company will ask for your permission.


          You are the only person accessing the password to access the site. We recommend that you keep your ‘Login Name’ and password confidential and logout before leaving the site. Because of the Internet transmission, there is no perfect security system. As a result, the company can not guarantee the security of sending and receiving your information, but it will ensure the best security every time a data transmission occurs.

Term & Conditions

          Welcome to For your convenience, please read these terms and conditions before using this site. by BATHIC PRODUCT & SALES CO., LTD (Company), trade under the name to sell and promote the company’s products. It is also a way to communicate between the shop and the user.

          Please carefully study the terms and conditions as follows. Visiting or using the service of, assumed that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Terms and conditions are legally binding. The Company has the right to amend, change, or cancel this terms and conditions and/or any other agreement on this website without prior notice to the customer.

Copyright and intellectual property rights

          Software, code, presentation format, trademarks, logos, icons, content, Text, letter, name and image for service on this web site, unless specified otherwise, are the intellectual property of only. The work is protected by law. Everyone is prohibited from reproducing, copying, downloading or modifying any or all of these websites. In addition, the products distributed on the website are protected by patents, trademarks or other rights. The Company shall not be liable for any infringement of the rights of others.

          Everyone is prohibited from using trademarks and logos related to and the service is not made of or belongs to and cause misunderstanding between customers or users, as well as any actions that cause defamatory to

          If the Company’s website is linked to other websites that are not under the supervision of the Company, we reserve the right not to be liable for any damages or actions of those websites.

Product description and color of the image

          The company is trying to provide the most accurate product description. However, we can not guarantee that the product descriptions on those websites will be accurate, complete, reliable, timely, error-free. At the same time, in the color of the image, the company intends to display the product image to meet the actual product. But the color displayed on the user’s screen may be distorted by different computers and screen settings. Hence, if the product is supplied by is not as described, the company reserves the right not to be responsible for all errors that occur. (Whether returned, exchanged, or refunded.)

          In addition, the Company reserves the right not to be responsible for errors in the information contained on this website, (whether it is the wrong price or wrong details, etc.), the company has the right to cancel the order at any time and can change without notice.

Terms of subscription

  • Users must register as a member of the website to create an account. If you would like to order products or participate in promotional activities through the website.
  • The Company reserves the right to make any order available on certain websites and services, such as subscriptions, news services, events and more for registered customers to use on the site only.
  • The User agrees to maintain the Login Name, password and personal information confidential. The User agrees to be responsible for any damages resulting from the actions taken under your username or account.
  • The information that you register as a member must be accurate, complete and up-to-date.
  • In case of any false or misleading information, the users do not keep the password confidential or violate the law and morals of the people, the company reserves the right to revoke the membership of the subscriber immediately without prior notice.

กFraudulent and Misuse Prevention

  • The company has the right to refuse or cancel an order if a fraudulent account is detected. We can terminate a user’s account if fraud or illegal behavior is detected. The company enforces such policies to protect our users and the company from fraud or illegal activity.
  • If the user of the website has sent or posted any content, pictures or information that violates the law, defamation, profane, defamatory, vulgar, lewd or obscene make others dissatisfied, as a result, the company or any third party is harmed by the content or information whether direct or indirect. The user is responsible for the damage, including liabilities, damages and expenses arising from the loss of the company or the third party.


          The Company welcomes your opinions and suggestions on the Company’s website, products and services. These comments and suggestions will not be considered confidential and may be used for modification, reproduction and distribution for any purpose. However, the Company will not associate your name and surname with your comments and suggestions without your permission. Except in the case of contravention of the law.